Some websites associated with safe transport:



Legend… a legendary NZ guy stops his mate from drink driving
Hello… another great NZ ad about txting and driving
Txting Conversations… young people talking with Jacy Good txting crash survivor
Blazed… NZTransAgency ad showing how children repeat their parents behaviour
Balls in Your Hands… communication about drink driving
Strings… TAC ad showing how children are like puppets watching parents
Mistakes… speeding & a simple mistake at a T intersections
Volkswagen – Eyes on the Road… with your eyes down on the phone you miss what is up on the road
Blind… 2 seconds looking at a phone is like travelling 27m with your eyes closed
Awareness Test… how many passes of the ball and what’s that about a bear?
Your Car is a Loaded Weapon… Irish ad makes a clear point about 1.5tonnes of hurtling metal
I Killed A Man… a young driver confesses to killing a man whilst drink driving
Volkswagen Make Up… doing makeup in the mirror
From One Second to the Next – Werner Herzog documentary about txting
Txting and Driving Test… Belgian driving instructor asks students to txt and drive
TAC “Everybody Hurts” ad– one of the most powerful road safety ads ever this ad has had over 14 million views;
TAC Motorcycle Campaign– reverse dramatisation of a motorcycle crash
Slow Down Roadshow– demonstrates 5km’hr difference is big in braking distance
Only a Mate– winner of Make A Film Make a Difference asking young driver how he wants to kill his best mate

WHO Road Safety Ad Library: World Health Organisation best road safety ads from around the world



“Senna – No Fear No Limits”– an intimate portrayal of F1 driver Ayrton Senna and the choices leading to his success and death.