STEER Project is a little profit-for-purpose organisation with a big vision.

VISION i.e. WHY we do it

because drunk driving has devastating consequences and conversations are a great way to change cultures and to change choices


OBJECTIVES i.e. WHAT we want to achieve

  1. have the conversations we are not having about drink driving
  2. demonstrate how barriers shut down and enablers open up conversations
  3. share ideas, suggestions, stories and resources for having conversations
  4. reduce the incidence of drunk driving
  5. increase the likelihood people get where they really want


PLAN i.e. HOW we are realising our objectives

Simple. We encourage and support people to have conversations about drink driving starting with a 15 Minute convo… then onto Personal, Online and Workplace conversations.


“having conversations is the driving force for any kind of change… conversation is the most powerful lever for behaviour change… behaviour change really comes out of human interaction and conversations”.
Dr Renee Lertzman


STEER Project have been providing Voluntary Breath Testing at festivals and community events since 2013. If you are a facts’n’figures type person… click here for our evidence based reports.

STEER Project is an Incorporated Association. ABN: 29 735 838 035

  • President: Phil Preston
  • Vice President: Rob Blackwell
  • Treasurer: Fi Wordsworth
  • Secretary: Jenelle Stanford
  • Ordinary Members: Bruce Butcher, Dean Stanford, Dan Hend
  • Legends: click here