BARRIERS close down communication and prevent people from having conversations. Some examples of conversation barriers are:

  • fear of strangers and the unknown
  • no time or energy
  • knowing enough about the topic already
  • not wanting to stand out and be criticised
  • thinking everyone else is doing it so it must be right/OK
  • feeling it won’t do any good
  • thinking it doesn’t really matter & it’s not important
  • fear of failure
  • hoping someone else will sort it out
  • getting distracted and focusing on something else
  • thinking it’s not my responsibility &/or my job
  • not having the skills, experience &/or confidence
  • not wanting to offend &/or upset others
  • being on a mobile phone
  • having a dog growling from behind a front gate

Let us know the main reason you didn’t want to have a conversation…