It’s easy to point the finger at others. It’s challenging to accept we can all do more. 

If your business, school, community organisation &/or club has people on the road as part of work and/or events, we have 3 suggestions… 

1. Conversations change cultures change choices

Contact us for a 15 minute conversation. We guarantee we can help change the culture at your workplace and the choices people are making associated with drinking and driving.

2. Lead the change you want to see in the world

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

3. Offer a reward

Offer a reward to anyone in your workplace who can correctly answer 3 questions:

    1. Are employees allowed to drink alcohol in work hours?
    2. What is the allowable Breath Alcohol Concentration ‘BrAC’ for employees driving as part of their work?
    3. Are you certain you, and all employees you have ever worked with, have always worked under your allowable BrAC?

Our Workplace Conversations change the culture and choices associated with drinking and driving in your workplace, school and organisation…

  • Convo 1: Stories & Info… sharing stories & background information
  • Convo 2: Options & Choices… sharing worst-best options and choices
  • Convo 3: Systems & Structures… creating/finding ways to initiate and maintain change

The mode of delivery and topics are customised for your workplace, school or organisation e.g. they can be delivered as a presentation, Toolbox Talks, lunchtime convos, online convos, a workshop &/or as part of a social function. 

As with all our work… let’s start with a conversation! Phil Preston               0414 809 330                      book a 15 Minute Convo... it's free!