All too often in response to a tragic car crash involving youth, the community is quick to point the finger of blame at the driver. Sadly, many car crashes involve passengers. Passengers who can help with keeping things safe. 

Teamwork is at the core of getting great places. 

Every person in a car can act as part of a team and help with... 

  • directions & navigation
  • adjusting aircon and radio
  • maintaining a calm vibe
  • looking out for potential hazards
  • speaking up when they feel unsafe and vulnerable
  • offering safe driving suggestions


The team extends beyond the people in the car: 

  • parents/carers/adult drivers being aware of  'leading by example'
  • community to create a 'culture of caring' and respecting passengers and other drivers
  • car manufacturers to make great cars
  • mechanics to keep it in good condition;
  • government and council to create & maintain safe systems and roads


Making great choices... getting great places... starts with having a great team.