Getting experience driving in a range of conditions is core to getting great places. People with experience have great skills and abilities and can go on great adventures. 

Experience is best gained with someone trusted in a safe and controlled environment. As an L and P plate driver it is great to experience all of the following with a confident parent/supervising driver in the car:

  • auto AND manual vehicles
  • large & small cars
  • city & country driving
  • long distances & roadtrips
  • driving in bad weather & night
  • driving with many passengers
  • merging and turning onto multi lane highways
  • driving on winding & narrow roads
  • driving on gravel, sand, snow, mud & creek crossings
  • overtaking

It is SO important for learner drivers to push themselves and learn to become confident in a range of vehicles and conditions. Some moments with learner drivers may push the limits of both the learner and the supervising driver. Every situation will require a unique assessment of the risks involved. And if the supervising driver has an area of vulnerability it maybe worthwhile booking in for a driving lesson and/or encouring the learner driver to drive with another confident supervising driver.