Communication is a simple word to write and read. 

Communicating in real life is sometimes challenging... 

  • you are in the back seat of a car. Your best friend is in the front passenger seat. Her Dad is driving. And he is texting whilst driving and veering all over the road. Your best friend doesn't seem to notice and you get the sense her Dad texts and drives all the time. You are feeling distinctly nervous about the situation. Do you speak up in front of your best friend and say something to her Dad? 
  • you are at the pub with some mates. One of your mates who has been drinking alcohol all night picks up his keys and announces he is about to leave for a party. Three of your mates are super keen and don't seem to realise he is over the limit. You feel uncomfortable about the situation. Do you speak up in front of your friends and say something about your friend being over the limit?
  • you are driving some friends to a party. Someone in the back seat calls out "Hey... slow down you are driving way too fast". You feel angry she he has made that comment as you feel you are driving safely and at the speed limit. Do you subsequently take a deep breath, acknowledge someone in your car is feeling unsafe, slow down and thank him for speaking up. 


It is important to communicate our thoughts and feelings when we are feeling unsafe. And to suggest positive options to help everyone get great places.