Many parents of learner drivers express negative feelings when the time approaches for their children to learn driving... 
"I am so anxious about them starting to drive"
"I get so nervous when they are driving"
"I am so scared... there is so much that can go wrong"
And those feelings are based on a negative reality i.e. young drivers are over represented in crash statistics. 

Some parents of learner drivers express positive feelings about their children starting to drive...
"I am enjoying teaching them to drive and the experiences we are sharing."
"I am looking forward to them getting their licence, exploring their world and getting great places."
"I am confident they will be a safe & responsible driver." 
Those feelings are based on a positive reality i.e. there is a lot we can do to help young drivers become safe & responsible drivers. 

There are 3 keys to safe driving:

  1. Teamwork
  2. Experience
  3. Communication

Beyond seatbelts, anti-lock brakes, stability control, blindspot warning and airbags THE most important safety feature in a car is an ability to communicate. To which we many people think "Yeah... no big deal. I communicate all the time". Sure we all communicate. That said. Communication can be both the most challenging and most effective way to ensure safe driving. 

We suggest talking with your learner driver about the words Teamwork, Experience and Communication. 


Now for a real life communication challenge. Many of you may currently be thinking about reasons for NOT communicating e.g. not wanting to be spammed, not wanting to contact someone you don't know, not wanting to commit to anything. Getting beyond those reasons is the challenging part of communicating. 

The effective part of communicating is we guarantee after completing the Driving Education for Parents you will feel way more confident helping your children become safe drivers. Start now by choosing your favoured communication option...