Initiate change with a 1 hour Personal Conversation

The Personal Conversation is a 1 hour conversation with one of our facilitators. You choose what you want to talk about… 

  • having conversations in critical situations
  • the facts associated with drinking and driving
  • exploring options for safe drinking and driving
  • being a parent of a p plate driver
  • how to engage others in conversations
  • hosting & attending events likely to involve drinking and driving
  • something else


You choose how much you want to support our work… 

We are a community organisation which means we rely on community to support our work.
NOTE: which
ever payment you choose, you will get a Personal Conversation.


Pass It Forward Convo

Pass a Personal Conversation onto a friend.
Tell us <YOUR NAME> and we’ll have a conversation with <YOUR FRIEND> about <A TOPIC YOU CHOOSE>