A series of  3 x 40 min online conversations for people wanting to make better choices associated with drinking and driving e.g. 

  • those who drive as part of their work
  • those who have been charged with an alcohol related driving offence
  • those who have had a ‘near miss’ associated with alcohol and driving
  • those who recognise times when they drink alcohol & drive

During the conversations we take a ‘deep dive’ and explore better options associated with drinking and driving. And look at ways we can support and encourage each other to make better choices:

Convo 1: Intro & Stories
Convo 2: Options & Choices
Convo 3: Creating Support

The vision is for each person to leave the conversations with actions they intend to put into practice and support from fellow group members who help each other realise the actions. The series of conversations is on Zoom with a  maximum of 8 people in each group. Each conversation is facilitated by an experienced facilitator will create a safe environment in which people are encouraged to share their ideas, suggestions, stories and resources.