Keys Please Kiosks

Celebrate sanely and drive safely


STEER project, with support from an FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grant and Transport for NSW, are establishing Keys Please Kiosks at festivals, community events and private parties. Keys Please Kiosks positively influence driver behaviour by creating a person-to-person connection at the ‘coal face’ i.e. where choices about safe drinking and transport are made. 

A Simple Plan

  1. encourage drivers to register as they arrive at a festival, event and/or party;
  2. offer drivers safe celebrating information & resources;
  3. encourage drivers to have a breathtest prior to leaving a festival, event and/or party;
  4. offer drivers safe transport information & resources

Watch video from Falls Festival 2013/4 by clicking here

Hire a Keys Please Kiosk Kit for your own parties & events.

Help your friends drive home safely by having a Keys Please Kiosk Kit at your own party & event. The kit is posted to you before the event and includes:

- User Guide including mocktail recipes;
- handheld breathalyser;
- key cabinet;
- safe celebrating information and resources;
- return Parcel Post bag


Pocket Breathalyser

To purchase your own pocket breathalyser CLICK HERE.


Fore more information about Keys Please Kiosks please contact Phil Preston:
m – 0414 809 330
e  -

For access to Volunteer Roster click here.