Our Vision…

“To positively change drink driving behaviour at events & activities likely to involve consumption of alcohol and driving. “

Brthtst Queue

STEER Breath-testing was initiated in 2013 with support from an Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grant and Transport for NSW. STEER breathtesting positively influences driver behaviour by creating a person-to-person connection at the ‘coal face’ i.e. where choices about safe drinking and transport are made.

The STEER Breath-testing objectives are:

  1. increase awareness of standard drinks;
  2. increase awareness of estimated BAC;
  3. increase choice of safe celebrating options by those intending to drive;
  4. provide an accurate measure of BAC at major Festivals, community events and private functions;
  5. change behaviour of those planning to drive who breath-test over their legal limit.


Fore more information about STEER breathtesting please contact Phil Preston:
m – 0414 809 330
e  - [email protected]

To purchase an Alcohoot Personal Breathalyser whilst at a STEER Event click here.

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