Our vision…

“we establish a STEER breathtesting presence at all Festivals, events & parties at which alcohol and driving are likely to be combined.”


STEER project, with support from an FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grant and Transport for NSW, are establishing STEER breathtesting at festivals, community events and private parties. STEER breathtesting positively influences driver behaviour by creating a person-to-person connection at the ‘coal face’ i.e. where choices about safe drinking and transport are made. 

A Simple Plan

  1. encourage drivers to register as they arrive at a festival, event and/or party;
  2. offer drivers safe celebrating and safe driving information & resources;
  3. encourage drivers to have a breathtest prior to leaving a festival, event and/or party;
  4. offer drivers safe transport information & resources

We have 3 levels of STEER breath testing:

- Festival Stallclick here for more info
- Community Booth... click here for more info
- Private Party Kitsclick here for more info


Fore more information about STEER breathtesting please contact Phil Preston:
m – 0414 809 330
e  - [email protected]

For access to music Festival Volunteer Information click here.