These options are simply to get your OWN mind ticking over. Create your own list of options. Rank them from best to worst. And be honest with yourself about what you are REALLY going to choose. 

great options

  • catch a taxi, Uber, public transport
  • sleep at a mates
  • get mates to help the driver count what and how much they are drinking
  • drink soft drinks and water
  • eat and rest

get great places

Know your options... make a concious choice

OK options

  • avoid shouts and rounds
  • know standard drinks
  • count your standard drinks
  • mid strength alcohol drinks
  • drink lean mixed spirits
  • drink 'standard drink' quantities
  • rule of thumb... "2 in the first hour, 1 every hour after that"
  • use an accurate breathalyser

lesser options

  • topping up drinks before empty
  • shouts and rounds
  • wine... a standard drink is only 100ml
  • drinking and driving
  • mates telling you to "drink more"





get lesser places

See what clues life and the universe offer. A near miss? Pulled over by police? Friends always telling you the same thing? Maybe they are offering you an opportunity to look at more options and reassess choices.