STEER Project is a youth safe transport project and began as a series of school road safety presentations in 2010. The Project continues to evolve and now includes a range of road safety presentations and voluntary breath testing at major music festivals, community events & presentations and private functions. 

Our Vision:
 "knowing many options... making good choices... getting great places". 

Our Objectives:
- to reduce the incidence of harm and injury associated with youth transport;
- to increase the likelihood youth get to great places.

Our Outcomes:
1. youth have knowledge of safe transport options.
2. youth are aware of consequences of making lesser choices.
3. youth realise the benefits of making greater choices.
4. youth choose safe transport options
5. youth get great places


STEER Project is an Incorporated Association. ABN: 29 735 838 035

  • President: Phil Preston
  • Vice President: Rob Blackwell
  • Treasurer: Fi Wordsworth
  • Secretary: Jenelle Stanford
  • Ordinary Members: Bruce Butcher, Dean Stanford, Dan Hend


Fundamentally “Shared Value” is a collaborative, cocreative and sustainable relationship between Business/Government and Community Organisations. It is based on a ‘business-as-usual’ approach in which the core needs of the respective Partners are identified and then core assets are collaboratively leveraged to find & create genuine win-win solutions. Some of the assets STEER Project bring to the relationship are:

  • highly visible, valued and trusted presence in the community
  • person-2-person connection w/ patrons at major music festivals and community events
  • practical & effective solutions to drink driving related challenges
  • demonstrated results

Please contact project coordinator, Phil Preston, to discuss Shared Value partnersrhips with STEER Project. 
                                       Phil Preston           0414 809 330