STEER Project is focused on reducing the incidence of speeding, drink driving, drug driving, distraction and fatigued driving and increasing the likelihood people get great places.

We believe the best way to change behaviours is to help people change the choices they are making. The best way to change choices is to change the culture in which people are making those choices. And the best way to change the culture is to share open and honest conversations.

STEER began as a series of school road safety presentations in 2010. STEER Project continues to evolve and offers a range of online and real world conversations.

Our model is simple:
explore great options –> make great choices –> get great places

STEER Project is an Incorporated Association. ABN: 29 735 838 035

  • President: Phil Preston
  • Vice President: Rob Blackwell
  • Treasurer: Fi Wordsworth
  • Secretary: Jenelle Stanford
  • Ordinary Members: Bruce Butcher, Dean Stanford, Dan Hend