As a firefighter and a facilitator of safe driving program for over 10 years, I have been witness to the devastating consequences of poor choices people have made.

The key to positively changing choices is to change the culture in which those choices are made. I believe honest and compassionate conversations with family, friends, workmates and community members are the best way to change cultures. The thing is… those honest and compassionate conversations can be challenging.

People have barriers to communicating which prevent and shut down communication. You may have Barriers such as not having enough time & energy; not having enough trust; being too afraid and/or being too busy. Barriers which prevent you from having conversations.

People also have enablers for communicating which support and open up communication. You may have Enablers such as being curious & open; feeling adventurous and/or wanting to learn more. Enablers which support you to have conversations.

Looking forward to your contact,

Phil Preston
STEER Project Coordinator

Would you like to have a 15 minute conversation?

Nah... I've got my reasons.

Dunno... I need to know more.

Yeah... I'm up for it!